V-POS (Vigilant Point of sales System)
V-POS Best Suitable For
•    Hotels, cafes and Restaurants
•    Supermarkets and other retailers
•    Contractors
•    Service Providors
•    Exporters and Importers
•    Industries and Factories
•    And for any other type of business
•    Compatible with ERCA (Ethiopian Revenue and Custom Authority) System
•    Friendly Customer and Item Handling
•    24 Hour Telephone and hand technical support
•    Customizable attachment
•    One year warranty and free training
•    Working with widely used daisy, Aclass and other fiscal printers
•    Easy to use and more features
•    Affordable price
•    Well organized user manual
Vigilant Human Resource Management System
•    Manage organizational structure
•    Manage employee Detail Record
•    Manage employee all leave types including annual leave
•    Manage employee promotion and demotion
•    Manage employee experience
•    Manage employee salary increment and decrement
•    Manage employee transfer
•    Manage employee disciplinary fault
•    Manage internal and external vacancy
•    Employee basic and detail search
•    Employee information report

Building Rental Management
•    Floors management
•    Rooms, room items including light bulbs management
•    Renter information management
•    Contract management
•    Maintenance management
•    Financial management
•    Automatic invoice generation
•    Building staff management